The Whole Body Tibetan Massage- Combined

This particular whole body massage is the one of the most ancient and also the most effective healing massage in the world.

Tibetan massage has been used during thousands of years in Tibet and the Himalayan parts of Asia.

This massage is an important part of Tibetan medicine.

Tibetan massage is a complex of Tibetan techniques done by the hands of an experienced massager on the client´s whole body ( including the clients head) with the goal to achieve complete harmony in the body and soul.

It includes SU-JOK healing, healing by touch and stimulation, Champi massage, point massage and other Tibetan methods like back acupressure, cupping and moxibustion.

It cleans the lymphatic system, reduces high blood pressure, strengthens the heart and veins and even supports the activity of the internal organs and the muscles.

The Tibetan massage works with body energy. Thus body chakras are cleaned and other body cleaning functions work better. The aura is strengthened (which is responsible for protecting the body from diseases).

Tibetan massage is very useful in cases of backache, musculoskeletal diseases, in case of fatigue and irritability, insomnia, headache, weak immune system and in recovery period. It also helps reduce the symptoms of cellulitis.

Relaxing music and aromatic oils are used to increase effects of the healing therapy.